Career Opportunities

Mortgage Regional VP Business Development


  • Effectively recruit and train talented Branch Managers and Loan Originators within the region – establish , maintain and contact a constant pipeline of potential branch opportunities
  • Work closely with HTL Business Development staff to build and present marketing campaigns that will ensure region growth regardless of market conditions
  • Work directly with individual branches to identify and establish direct marketing campaigns that will ensure success of the branch in its service area
  • Work directly with existing and new Branch Managers to implement and follow the Branch Management Best Practices guidelines in order to optimize branch production Implement pro-active efforts to retain employees
  • Profitably manage the Region P&L statement and provide direct supervision over individual Branch P&L statements
  • Actively address non-performance issues in a timely manner while establishing appropriate performance improvement measures
  • Maintain constant communication with Branch Support staff in order to maximize efficiencies and production within the region
  • Stay informed of all local , state and federal regulations as it pertains to the mortgage lending industry


  • 5-10 years in the mortgage lending industry that includes a tenure as a Branch Manager
  • Successful Business Development and Management history
  • Demonstrated ability to identify and recruit talented Managers , LO’s and staff
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to profitably manage a P&L statement
  • Thorough knowledge of mortgage products/services
  • Proven ability to manage loan operations and ID/ correct problems
  • Proficient on Federal and State regulations pertaining to the mortgage lending industry

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