I’ve been with Hometown Lenders since September 2002. I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to be anywhere else. The company is “big enough” to support me and my branches but “small enough” that my opinion matters. What Hometown does best is support the “small business owner” mentality that exists within most of its entrepreneurial Branch Managers. They even refer to us as “Partners” and it shows in everything they do. Whenever I wanted to open a branch and hire more MLOs, they put a recruiter on it and helped me staff a brand new office from scratch. They’ve done this over and over for five locations. They understand what it takes to grow business. They know how to market, they know how to recruit, and most importantly they know how to retain. Hometown believes their most valuable asset is their people and my 10+ career here is proof of that. Year over year, since 2002, my income has increased. Yes, that includes 2007, 2008, and 2009. I made more money every, single year. You couldn’t ask for a better partner in the mortgage business than Hometown Lenders.
Conrad T., Alabama Branch Manager
I have been in the business for 18 years, and I have worked for 3 mortgage companies before I found Hometown Lenders. I was a office manager for another branch when I decided it was time for me to go out on my own and found a company that would support me and my staff. Its hard enough to be in Mortgage business today but the leaders at Hometown Lenders make it an easier place to get the loans closed. One thing that made change to Hometown Lenders was the President and Vice President of the company they answer their phones and answer your questions very quick and treat you like family. They also have staff members you can call at anytime to get help with anything you need to run your branch smoother, you don't haven't to wait two or three weeks like I had to with other branches.
We have excellent correspondent lender relationships that works very close with us to make sure we have excellent service with them and our appraisal management company. I totally, understand peoples frustration with this appraisal management thing, but here at Hometown Lenders I don't have those problems. The only time I have had an issue is when there were several repairs to be done and the homeowner didn't fix them correctly and it took the appraiser three times to go out there.
Another great thing about Hometown is they do have a great processor team if you need a processor. I have been dealing with processor team for the last 6 months and they keep you informed with the loan. And they answer every email you send and returns calls too. I am very happy I made the switch!

Sabrina K. , Tennessee Branch Manager
Chris - Thank you for all you did for the Rose loan. I really do appreciate it. This is the first company I have worked for that the corporate office don't mind helping us out. That means alot to us at this branch.
Sabrina K. , Tennessee Branch Manager
I have been an independent mortgage broker since before the boom in 2002.. Well, those days are gone and now it's all about changing the business model, to adapt to the new landscape from the fallout of the knee jerk re-action, to resolving the careless programs and underwriting standards that were allowed. As an independent broker, I would not have survived and I consider myself a professional. And as a professional, I knew that I now needed to be aligned with a company that has the same understanding in the lending arena that I have and with what has made me successful.
I started with a branch company in Orlando in Feb 2010 and it took only 7 weeks before I knew I made a bad choice in that company. Then I found a company in Alabama called Hometown Lenders. Their vision is the same as mine. Offer great service, on time results and allow you to continue to do with what made you successful, be a mortgage broker, not an employee that is micro-managed. The Team leaders, the VP of the company, the payroll dept and compliance all have very streamlined simple processes to help you get your loans closed, cleared compliance and get checks out to the brokers in a timely manner. I am very happy and look forward to continue this relationship further into the recovery period on our industry. I would recommend southern Hospitality anytime you need to trust someone with your business model.

Scott P., Florida Branch Manager
“Jen and I wanted to take a brief moment to let you know how happy we are with the choice we made to join Hometown. There are several examples I could give, but the best is without a doubt all of the help we received to rush conditions and closing for one of our files. Adam, Debbie, Mya, Melissa, Michelle, etc all went out of their way to help us get a loan done that certainly would not have completed as quickly at our prior employers.”
Zachary S., Ohio Branch Manager
My experience with HTL thus far has been a very positive one. Everybody that I have talked with has been very friendly and helpful. Chris Fiorello, especially has responded quickly on every issue that has come up and always returns my phone calls promptly. I have received all of the information as promised.

On a scale of one to ten, I would give HTL a nine. I don't think you could have done much better than you have. At this point, I am very pleased. If you have any questions, please call me.

Tim W. , Alabama Branch Manager
Let’s face it, if you are in the mortgage business, no matter where you work, issues and obstacles are going to arise. How Hometown Lenders reacts when these times occur is what sets them apart. When I need someone, they are always there to help me…. They listen to my needs and then they take action. If I have an issue, they take it on as their mission. If I have an issue at 10pm, I get an answer. Support is a word that everyone likes to throw around but when I need someone to answer the phone or return an email and the deal is on the line, that is where Hometown Lenders shines. What really makes the difference to me is having a support team that really cares about our borrowers and my business reputation in town.
Sabrina K., Tennessee Branch Manager
Awesome weekly Branch Manager call with HomeTown Lenders. Love this company and how we continually brainstorm to be the best in the business.
Rising tide helps everyone!

Greg P - Florida Branch Manager

Greg P., Florida Branch Manager
Our first month with Hometown has been nothing short of fantastic. Jen and I were afraid that switching companies would slow us down for at least a month or two. However, the support staff Hometown has in place ensures little to no downtime at all. We were up and running within a matter of hours once our NMLS was updated. We’re also appreciative of your recommendation on how to set up our branch pay structure. Because of this we have the ability to make substantially more – on average almost $1000 more per file than with our prior employer. We are a relatively small branch, but Hometown has gone above and beyond to treat us the same as the rest of the branches, something unheard of in this industry. We look forward to coming to corporate to learn what other branches are doing to expand their business. If any other potential branches are reading this, trust me when I say that Hometown truly does have a hometown feel to it!
Zachary S., Ohio Branch Manager
Hometown Lenders is the right choice for the champions in the mortgage industry. We made the move over two years ago and we are thankful for that choice 100%. We now have 16 full-time employees delivering champion results for our clients, and all of the people at Hometown Lenders helped us get there fast! In this industry, long-term success is the RESULT of delivering BETTER results than the competition can deliver. At Hometown Lenders, you have the right tools, support group, & efficient systems that provide you with that advantage so you can master your own formula for success. Hometown Lenders gave us that confidence and provided all of the support we needed in order to make it happen, and that has been all the difference for us.
Scott M. , Birmingham, Al
I wanted to say thank you for bringing us into the Hometown Lenders Family. We thought we were very successful before we came to Hometown and we were. However, by allowing you all to help us tweak what we were already doing, and adding a marketing campaign that is proven, we have grown our business every month since joining. We are on pace to be doing twice the business we were doing in less than 9 months after joining! Our process has been streamlined, our turn times have been great and the help we have received has been 2nd to none! There are many companies out there that promise many things…..you all have delivered! We joined you all because of your core values. We flourished because you all take the time to teach branches how to run smoother, better and more profitable. Thank you again for all you and Hometown Lenders have done for us!!!!!
Scott M., Birmingham, Al
The family that I have gained with Hometown is nothing but amazing. I started the Dothan branch I think it was 9 years ago and I would say it was an amazing move for me and my family. The guidance that I have received from everyone has been very important to my branch. There have been some bumps in the road along the way but what I can say is y'all listen when we speak. I would have not a problem at all for recommending anyone who is not a Hometown branch to recommend they make the move. I have done the research and Hometown by far is at the top of the list. Again I can't thank Hometown enough for the guidance and the support that has been given to my Hometown team.
Tim W., Alabama Branch Manager
First and foremost, our company seems to have an open arms, "Hometown" feel to it. From the welcoming presence at Jeff W.'s office to the way corporate reaches out and makes themself available is extremely appealing and great as a newcomer. Working directly with you as underwriter allowed me insight rarely given in the process. With your experience and relationship with your in-house lenders, I feel more comfortable submitting files knowing they are getting into capable, not just random hands. Relationships are important!

Being able to actually speak to our president about a concern for approval of a file was an honor as well. Most of my contact with the corporate office has provided VERY prompt responses. I truly appreciate that as it is hard to work the front line without communication from our critical management and support staff.

Craig P. , Tennessee Branch Sr. Loan Originator
I did my due diligence on all the Branch Programs available in the market. After all that "hassle" I knew without a doubt that the Hometown program was by far the best!

Me and my team aren't going anywhere. Thanks Eric!

Alvaro M. , Georgia Branch Partner
When I first joined the Hometown Lenders branch opportunity, I was nervous to work under a large company. I have never worked with a company that had more than 10 employees at one time. I had heard many horror stories from people who work in large companies but I had a feeling this company might be different. I was right I have no regrets on joining HomeTown Lenders team. Even though there are hundreds of employees I still get the small company treatment. Everyone has been polite, fast and knowledgeable to responding to my questions, they are always very happy to help. The transition process from my old company to HomeTown was super easy and fast, thanks to the staff at HomeTown. Especially Chris, he is amazing!! I look forward to many years with Hometown Lenders. I am here to stay. Thank you!
Danielle C. , Florida Branch Manager