Who We Are

HomeTown Lenders is a debt-free, Full Eagle lender who believes in treating all employees and customers fairly. Since our inception in March of 2000, we have grown to be one of the leading mortgage lenders in the nation. Our corporate philosophy is: “We Exist To Serve!”

Our growth formula has always been to:

1) Hire the best.
2) Retain the best.

3) Remember Who got us there. Our company exists for a greater cause and that is to “Continually become more like Christ in all that we do”.  Out of this thought we established a 501c3 called Mission Firefly (www.missonfirefly.org).

We have been able to accomplish this by maintaining an environment where employees feel supported and appreciated. Our main goal is to help every individual reach their fullest potential, and to provide them with the best originating platform in the industry.

We realize that our continued growth will be determined by our ability to adapt to changing market conditions within our industry and we understand that we must continue to maintain an environment where loan officers and branch managers can maximize their income potential.

We are a family business and we operate from a shared conviction that our people’s success is our responsibility. We appreciate that there is a family behind each of our employees and that each family is our responsibility too.

We take pride in being the best in the business, and being honest and fair in every facet of our operation. We enjoy the small company agility and atmosphere while we are blessed with the power of a larger company. Those we serve are our responsibility and our mission is to support them & empower them.

Our people come first and foremost – Our people are HomeTown Lenders.